Game Sound and Music Workshop – Nima Ghasemi

Here is a brief description of the workshop that was held on Wednesday 30th of August 2017 by Nima Ghasemi with the  title of “Sound and music and their role in video games”:
First, there was an introduction to music as an independent art form and it’s potentials in affecting human mind and emotions and it’s undeniable power in bringing people together and turn into a public trend and culture.
After that, music was considered as a companion to other art forms such as linear and interactive mediums. Cinema, theatre and art performances were reflected as the linear medium and video game as the interactive medium.
Moreover, “immersion” in video game was introduced as the holy grail of game design and one of its main goals and success accelerators. Different types of immersion and the impact of music as the most important items were discussed and exemplified. After that, the role of music in making cultural icon out of a movie or a game was demonstrated. In the end, the main challenge of composing interactive music was projected and the necessary tools were introduced.